Thursday, April 7, 2011

i start slow2

  • Wat la yu? (What lah you?) spoken in a rising disappointing tone means How could you? or How stupid can you get?
  • Wat la yu.. (What lah you) spoken in lowering sheepish softening comforting tone means You shouldn't have or You should have been more careful but I still like you
  • Got or not? spoken is rising tone means Did that happen? or Do you have it?
  • Where got? spoken in rising exclamation means No such thing or I don't believe you
  • Sure ah? spoken in rising question tone means Are you sure?
  • O.K. wat? (OK what?) spoken in rising questioning OK and lowering assuring tone means Isn't this good enough? (with intent to assure that it is good enough) or This should be acceptable, shouldn't it?
  • Like dat cannot la! (Like that cannot lah!) spoken with serious expression means I cannot accept it this way or in this condition
  • How can? spoken in rising exclamation means How could this happen or How can this happen
  • Die lah! spoken in somber or exclamation means I'm in deep shit or I would be in deep shit, both figuratively speaking
  • it? end any sentence with this question ignoring the grammar will mean Is this/that correct? or Is the statement true?
  • When ah? Who ah? How ah? Why ah? Where ah? in rising ahs mean When? Who? How? Why? Where? respectively
  • Eh hello! (hey hello!) or just hello! spoken in the middle of a conversation means That does not sound right or you don't seem alright. You are not paying attention, please stay alert!
source: here

this is not me, i copy down so i can remember what i long forgot to use manglish... its not easy to use manglish if u r not sure how to use it.. it is an art of effective communication... actually this is the one way to build up confidence in order to speak this english thingy without any strings of many rules..

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